Wednesday, January 18, 2012

20 Life Lessons I Learned from Running

Over my running years I've pondered a thing or two about myself and/or life while out on the open road.   So, for this week's blog, I give you...

20 Life Lessons I Learned from Running
20. I’ve often doubted that I could go the distance, but I’ve almost never thought I couldn’t take  the next step.
19.   Sometimes the hardest part is committing to getting your shoes on and getting out the door.
18.   I move over to the side to be courteous and/or keep myself safe, but I never forget that it is a shared road.
17.    I am certain I love summer because I’ve gone running in the winter.
16.   The touch screen on an iPhone doesn’t work when you’re wearing gloves (there’s no metaphor here…I really learned this when I was running while playing music on my iPhone on a cold day).
15.   Perspective is everything.  Whether you hate a challenge or embrace it will determine what it ultimately does to you.
14.   You can achieve amazing things with nothing but a pair of shoes and some open road.
13.   Always frame the picture of yourself crossing the finish line.
12.   When you’re going up a hill, lean into - not away - from it.
11.   It’s always important to know where your keys are (again, not a metaphor).
10.   I’m the gatekeeper of what gets in my head.
9.       I can’t lose focus because people pass me.
8.       The difference between weakness and strength – between struggle and achievement – is commitment.
7.       I can’t tell how fast you run by looking at you.
6.       Fear puts up way more barriers than time or ability.
5.       The most priceless thing I have is a cheering section.
4.       If you want to be a marathoner, you have to learn to say, “I am a marathoner”.
3.       Running shoes come in all kinds of flashy colours and styles, with lots of bells and whistles.  But, at the end of the day, the perfect ones for me are the ones that fit my feet.
2.       Water and knowledge are critical and precious.
1.       (In the words of my brother) This is what I should do today: Make change.  Train hard.  Run Strong.

Thanks for running with me.


  1. Great post, C!

    One addition:

    #21) When struggling during a run - just think of how good that beer and/or Blizzard will taste after your marathon is over :)

    1. LOL! I was trying to find a way to work Tim Horton's / Sleeman Clear into a running philosophy, but I had nothing.

  2. Loved Life Lesson #10. If we could all just learn to be more vigilant gatekeepers, we would
    spare ourselves all the extra self-turmoil. Keep Running Cor! Love Sue P.

    1. That's my favourite too Sue! Probably because it's the one that's taken me the longest to learn and impacts me daily! Thanks for the post! Love, Corrie

  3. Excellent post Cork! Time to get the music video done. Quite inspiring. Dad.

    1. Thanks get the first poster!