Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Save the Shoes

I just want to start by saying a huge and sincere thank you to 2 people that I have known since I was in the single digits – the awesome Chris McGrath and Lisa Lisle – for their unbelievable kindness and generosity in supporting Run Strong.    I was blown away by your kindness and am so grateful to still be connected to you both 30 (something) years later.  Thank you, thank you!!!!  (Sherwood Village represent!)

I’m going to keep this week’s blog short.  A while ago I was asked to give a presentation on peace-building and I themed it around the idea that peace-building starts with each of us as individuals: feeling compelled and inspired to use our unique skills and talents as catalysts for positive change.  I’ve pulled out of the archives 2 videos I've used around this theme: the first a short TED Talk (“Save the Shoes”) given by a volunteer firefighter and the second a video I created for the peace presentation.  When I originally put this blog together, I did not consciously connect this theme with today’s marking of the 11th anniversary of the events of September 11th, but am glad to be posting this particular blog today. Wishing all a week of peace...enjoy the videos and thanks for running with me!!

Please consider supporting Interim Place with a donation through Run Strong.  100% of proceeds will go to Interim Place's programs and services for women fleeing violence and their children.  You can make a donation by clicking on the button below or email me at corrie@run-strong.ca if you'd like to donate offline. Thanks for your support!! 


  1. Hey Cor ! I have missed a few of your blogs because summer life has kept me away from the computer. But............. I sure enjoyed the
    post today! You have yet again, encouraged and inspired me. Sue P.

  2. Aw, Sue, you always make me smile. :) I hope summer life was lots of fun and very relaxing!