Monday, October 8, 2012


So, this will be my second last blog before the marathon.

Of all the things I've learned over this past year: fueling, blister remedies, running gait, pacing, hydration, the most important thing I've learned is how powerful gratitude is.

I feel so grateful.

I’m sitting here watching the most spectacular fall day in all its colour and breeziness thinking that it was a day like this a year ago when the idea of mixing my marathon bucket list item with my love for Interim Place breathed life and was morphed into the Run Strong campaign.  Thinking back on the year of training, writing, praying, hoping, asking, receiving, I am so aware of the many ways that our cups overflow daily.  And I am so grateful.

I hold dear the kindness of every single one of you that has supported, written, donated, guest blogged, ran with me, asked about the training, cheered, commented on a post, shared this initiative with your networks, commiserated with me through the fails, provided advice, or just listened to me.  Interim Place does such amazing work and the coming together of all of your energies for their programs and services has been incredible.  Thank you.

In the spirit of giving thanks today, I would like to share a few particular words of gratitude:

First to the staff and management of Interim Place.  The work you do is so critical: I said in a previous post that a marathon doesn’t seem far enough to run in support of that work and I meant it.  Being on the front lines of the work with women and children requires both commitment and resilience and you embody these qualities daily.  As an Interim Place board member, I am grateful for the many ways that you support the work of the agency; as a woman I am so grateful that you are there ready to open the door whenever it is needed.

To the board of directors and Interim Place’s Executive Director, Sharon Floyd.  You have all been one of the great lessons of my lifetime in commitment.  You show up daily to do challenging work because you so clearly understand the need and the opportunities to champion change.  My life has been changed by watching you in action.  Thank you.

To the Run Strong donors (Listed by name in the "Donations" section of the Run Strong Giving Page: ).  Of all the emails I’ve opened this year, my very favourite have been the ones with the subject: “A Donation Has Been Made Through Your CanadaHelps Giving Page”.  Long after the run is over, I will smile as I think of the incredible generosity you showed in answering the call with your hard-earned dollars.  Thank you.

To my friends who showed support in countless other ways (running, writing, commenting, sharing).  Believe me, my heart remembers each of you individually.  What may have seemed like a simple kind word or random moment of kindness has been thought about and relived throughout my training over and over again.  Thank you for taking the time to take action.

To my cousins, Steve and Tara, thank you for travelling to be a part of the marathon.  You are just simply amazing and I am so grateful for your support.

To my mentor/coach, Mike Herzog.  In one of the most brilliant acts of grace in recent memory, you came forward of your own accord to assist me with my training.  You changed my entire perspective on running
and everything I believed about my perceived limits.  You are one of a kind and I don’t know how to adequately thank you for the impact you've had.

To my amazing family (by blood and love).  Taking on this kind of training (or any other challenge) can’t happen unless a million other foundational pieces are in place.  You are my rocks and sharing the finish line with you (in person or in spirit) will be what brings me home.

To my husband, Eric.  Thank you for standing with me in all of this.  And thank you for always being out there on the long runs.  When you cheer for me, all doubt falls away.

Finally, to all women of courage.  Next Sunday, your journeys will be my strength.

For all of you and your incredible impact, I thank God.

Thanks for running with me.

Please consider supporting Interim Place with a donation through Run Strong.  100% of proceeds will go to Interim Place's programs and services for women fleeing violence and their children.  You can make a donation by clicking on the button below or email me at if you'd like to donate offline. Thanks for your support!! 

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